Prevail Concealed Carry Instructor Development.

  The PREVAIL ID COURSE is a very comprehensive course that gives you everything you’ll need to set up your own PREVAIL CONCEALED CARRY COURSE. The first part of this 5-day course is the PREVAIL CONCEALED CARRY COURSE. In Phase 1 we will teach you all the essential skills necessary for successful completion of the course.   Next, you will go through Scenario Based Training using a state of the art use-of-force simulator where you will now be able to experience decision making in a violent encounter. You will use the knowledge from a classroom lecture on The Law of Self Defensive. The source material is from Andrew F. Branca, an attorney who specializes in self-defense law. We highly encourage you to purchase and read his book before our class. ( The second part of the week is Phase II. Here you will learn how to teach the PREVAIL CONCEALED CARRY COURSE. You will be doing teach backs and will be critiqued by the Lead Instructors and your student peers. Upon successful completion, you will be authorized to teach the Prevail one, two, or three day concealed carry courses.

You will need a minimum 1000 rounds of ammunition.  The cost of this 5 day course is $850.00